In 2022, KIIP won the Top Brand Award 2022 that the Frontier Consulting Group presented. The brand was recognized for its outstanding achievement of building the top brand in the Thin Wall Food Container category. This achievement has once again proved the excellent quality of KIIP Thin Wall Food Container in providing a better alternative for food packaging.

Stepping beyond conventional packaging customs, KIIP builds the consumers’ trust by offering many superior features and tremendous benefits. Various KIIP products will always serve as a trustworthy partner in leveling up the food packaging service of any food business. KIIP constantly aims to provide high-quality food containers that are safer, healthier, and more practical to use.

The whole dedication shown by KIIP becomes one of the reasons why it was honorably selected as the winner of the TOP BRAND AWARD 2022 in the food container category. The award-winning brand showed that KIIP has successfully earned consumers’ trust in the Indonesian market.

With that being said, KIIP Thin Wall Food Container would like to express its deepest gratitude to all parties that have been involved from the very beginning to this day. Receiving the TOP BRAND AWARD is a truly notable milestone on the growth journey of KIIP. Therefore, a sincere thank you also goes to our customers, distributors, and brand owners who put their trust in KIIP and grow together with us.

PT. Thermopak Karya Indonesia as the manufacturer of KIIP will also play its crucial role to always provide the best services and the most excellent products for the customers. Established in 2019, the company has been certified by several international standards, such as ISO 9001 for System Management, ISO 22000 for Food Safety, and ISO 8 for Clean Room Production.

For food safety, KIIP Thin Wall Food Container and PT. Thermopak Karya Indonesia will go hand in hand to bring the food industry into a whole new level while assisting the food business owners in improving their packaging system.