Thermopak Accommodates Creative and “Out The Box” Ideas from Multinational Companies Through Kiip Cup Products

Thermopak Karya Indonesia also supports PT Santos Jaya Abadi (Kopi Kapal Api) with the Kiip cup printing product Kopi Kapal Api JFK series 2024. Kapal Api Cup products produced by Kiip can be seen at the largest annual festival in Southeast Asia, Jakarta Fair Kemayoran (JFK) 2024, which will be held for a month from 12 June to 14 July 2024.

Marketing Manager of PT Thermopak Karya Indonesia Himawan Wijaya said that the innovation that Thermopak consistently carries out is one of the company’s ways of accommodating consumers’ brilliant concepts in the form of packaging. So the value of the product can increase through unique and high quality cup branding.

“Not only Kapal Api Coffee and ABC Coffee, even Fore Coffee also uses Kiip cups produced by Thermopak. This certainly makes these brands more level up because through branding on the cup, the packaging value will increase,” he said on Monday, June 24, 2024.

Himawan explained that brand owners can be creative with their packaging. PT Thermopak Karya Indonesia is able to accommodate various designs that not all cup manufacturers can do.

Even though it is fully customized, continued Himawan, this will not have an impact on the Kiip Reusable Cup custom printing packaging material. Because Kiip Reusable Cup custom printing is printed using the best quality materials. 

“The materials used to print the packaging are of class leading quality, this has also been tested through Kiip`s certification,” he said. 

The use of quality materials certainly adds durability to the Kiip Reusable Cup custom printing product, so that it can be used for cold or hot drinks.

“Apart from that, Kiip Reusable Cup Custom Printing uses a spill-proof cover feature, so that when it shakes or turns upside down, the drink in the package will not drip or even leak,” he said.

With production using the best technology, the quality of the resulting product is more precise and spill proof.

For your information, Kiip Reusable Cup Custom Printing has rigid and tight packaging. When the Kiip packaging is closed, this product will lock the cup tightly with the lid.

The Kiip Reusable Cup Custom Printing product itself is safe to use repeatedly because Kiip has a reusable cup type.