Food Grade and Food Safe, same or different? 

Food and drink are an important part of human life, so we are certainly familiar with places that serve food and drinks such as restaurants and cafes. When in culinary places, we might be more focused on how delicious the taste of their menus is. However, other than taste, we should also pay more attention to the container or packaging used in the food, to make sure that the food we consume remains hygienic and safe.

To ensure that food and beverage packaging is safe to use, we need to understand the concepts of “food grade” and “food safe”. According to a common understanding of global health experts, World Health Organization (WHO), “food grade” refers to materials that are safe to use in direct contact with food, while “food safe” refers to the entire production to consumption process, which ensures that the products are safety for food and beverages, which means it will not pose a health hazard if used according to the correct guidelines.

Materials used in “food grade” packaging must meet specific standards to prevent contamination risks. These materials won’t release harmful substances into the food, are easy to clean, and are resistant to fluctuating temperatures and humidity. In other words, “food grade” packaging is designed to preserve the quality and safety of food and drink packaging.

Food grade and food safe are crucial in the standardization of food and beverage packaging. If your foods are contaminated, it will generate negative comments from customers and can cause permanent damage to the restaurant’s reputation. Therefore, choosing packaging with uses food grade and food safe label standards, nowadays is not an option, but rather a necessity. Using suitable packaging can help avoid potential public health risks and this step can also create sustainable customer trust.

In addition to maintaining the quality of packaged food and beverages, with labeled food grade and food safety, it can optimize the storage process and extend the product’s shelf life. Investing in packaging that meets food safety standards is not just about safety, but also about business sustainability and profitability.

F&B businesses must prioritize packaging with food grade and food safe standards. It is not just about complying with government regulations, but also about maintaining business integrity and providing customers with safe and high-quality products.

As an F&B business entrepreneur, one small decision such as choosing the right F&B packaging can have a huge impact on the image and sustainability of the business. So, It is important to choose the right business partner, experienced and trusted like Thermopak Karya Indonesia, all of whose products are guaranteed food grade and food safe, and offer several other benefits like BPA-free and reusable. Also, the product has modern packaging designs and interestingly you can customize labels with various creative visual designs that you want. This can increase the selling value of your product so that it gives a premium impression and will help increase your brand awareness.

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