Barrier IML a Solution for Long-term Packaging Innovation

Thermopak, an injection molding company, specializes in thinwall products for packaging with the use of Barrier IML (In-Mold Labeling). Barrier IML is a sustainable packaging solution that uses a multi-layered IML film to create a barrier between the packaging contents and any potential harm from the external environment. In a single plastic manufacturing step to produce plastic packaging with a barrier function, Barrier IML technique delivers a visually appealing, and resourceful packaging solution, and more efficient future in the packaging industry.


Why use Barrier IML? 

Barrier IML makes it an attractive choice for packaging industries seeking innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. It offers solutions to a durable packaging :


  • Extended Shelf Life 

By incorporating barrier properties, Barrier IML helps to extend the shelf life of products. This can reduce food waste and enhance the usability of various perishable goods, contributing to sustainable practices and resource conservation.

  • Enhanced Barrier Properties

Barrier IML offers superior protection against moisture, gases, and other external factors that could compromise the quality and shelf life of the packaged product. This is especially crucial for sensitive products like food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals, where maintaining freshness and extending the product’s life is essential.

  • Lightweight Packaging

Barrier IML allows for the production of lightweight packaging solutions without compromising on protection and functionality. The reduced weight of packaging materials can lead to cost savings in transportation and logistics, as well as contributing to overall sustainability efforts by lowering the carbon footprint associated with shipping.

  • Customization and Branding

Similar to traditional IML, Barrier IML enables high-quality printing and labeling directly onto the packaging during the molding process. This means that manufacturers can achieve intricate and eye-catching designs, enhancing their brand image and product visibility on the shelves. Additionally, the packaging can be tailored to fit specific product requirements and market demands.

  • Sustainability

Barrier IML contributes to sustainability efforts in several ways. Firstly, its lightweight nature reduces material consumption and waste generation. Secondly, the extended shelf life of products can help reduce food waste, a significant issue worldwide. Finally, the ability to integrate barrier properties into the packaging itself eliminates the need for additional barrier layers or coatings, simplifying the recycling process.


Barrier IML enables manufacturers to elevate their branding efforts with high-quality printing and designs directly on the packaging, enhancing product visibility and market competitiveness. Most importantly, the integration of barrier properties within the packaging itself streamlines recycling processes, making it a significant contributor to overall sustainability efforts.

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